Top 20 Entertainment Joomla Templates for Your Online Business

Want to go online with your entertainment business and don’t know how to make the first step? Then this article will give answers to all your questions! Fortunately, there are lots of ready-made entertainment Joomla templates by Template Monster, which will help you to create a perfect website on your own. So you won’t need any designer’s or web-development skills to make a perfect page on the Web. The entertainment industry grows up by a second and going online will help you to increase your audience and propel your business to the next level without any great effort. This way you will draw a big audience and earn money.

Obviously, creating a website from a scratch takes time, but you can save it using ready-made Joomla gaming & entertainment templates. They are easy to install and customize, so it will take just a couple of hours to start your own project on the Internet. All ready-made themes from this top 20 entertainment Joomla templates collection are fully responsive. In other words, each of your customers will have an opportunity to use your website on their mobile devices. Moreover, it will influence your website’s search engine ranking positively, as the search robots start analyzing a website with the mobile version, and then they switch to the full one.

About Joomla Templates

As can be seen, entertainment Joomla themes have a clear, understandable structure and elegant design that attracts new viewers. Simple information blocks and eye-catching colorful details can catch the attention of the modern Internet-users and makes them visit this webpage again and again, so you should choose the best one and adjust it to your needs. It’s an open secret, that ready-made Joomla templates are cheaper than the custom ones, so you will save not only your time, but also money. Despite the fact, that they cost less, they are even better, than the custom themes, as these top entertainment Joomla themes are created by a team of professional designers and web-developers.

All things considered, entertainment Joomla themes are definitely worth using, so the only thing you should do is choose the best one for your needs and start using it right away! Also, you can get a professional help in the TM Service Center in case you will have some extra questions. Giving a start to your career is the hardest part of your future progress, so dare and try it yourself! There is no time to hesitate, just look through the collection and start building your online career right now.

Ticket Sales Online Joomla Theme

This theme has a logical structure and a minimalist design. Here you can see bright eye-catching colors, which you can change in a few clicks using Theme Color Switcher built-in. This entertainment Joomla theme is fully responsive and complemented with the Lazy Load effect, so your website will load quickly and the pictures gradually.

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Unusual Online Store Joomla VirtueMart eCommerce Template

Here you can see one of the best entertainment Joomla eCommerce templates for your online store. Using it you could sell handmade accessories or house décor, keep a blog with master classes and enlarge the number of your followers. This template has a stylish responsive design, eCommerce integration and a sortable TM Gallery.

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Online Cinema Joomla Template

This is a stylish and well-structured Joomla template, which you can use for your cinema or movies website. It has advanced theme options, so you will be able to adjust it to your needs and change the details. Also, this template is fully responsive and has a valid semantic code, which will make your SEO-rankings higher.

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Stunning Multifunctional Entertainment Joomla Template

As you can see, this template has a basic structure and a great number of pre-designed pages. It can be used in any sphere you like, because this Joomla template is really multipurpose! It has various animation effects: the Parallax, Slider, Lazy Load. In addition, this template has a commenting system together with a forum included.

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Professional Theatre Website Joomla Template

This template makes a stunning first impression with its powerful design and unusual black background. It is fully responsive and SEO-ready thanks to its clean code. Besides, the Professional Theatre Website Joomla template is crossbrowser compatible and has the Slider effect. Want to catch your viewer’s attention? Choose this eye-catching design!

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Gamers Website Joomla Theme

This theme is created especially for games websites, so everything is well-structured and clear. The design is simple and modern, so the whole page looks visually appealing. After installing you will have an opportunity to change theme colors and button sizes using the advanced theme and layout options. Also, this games Joomla template has additional pages included, so you will be able to give there extra information.

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Bright Nightclub Joomla Template

As can be seen, this template is skillfully designed and well-structured. It has a clear documentation, so you will be able to set it up without any programming skills. The colors are bright and eye-catching, and it’s extremely important for a nightlife & club website. Also, it has all necessary animation effects: the Slider, Parallax and Lazy Load effect.

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Eye-Catching Circus Joomla Theme

Eye-Catching Circus Joomla theme has an unusual color scheme and well-structured responsive design. This entertainment theme will definitely attract your viewers’ attention. Also, it is complemented with Bootstrap that will scale your website with a single code base. Stick-to-Top Menu and the Slider effect make the navigation clearer.

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Active Nightlife Joomla Template

This template will be a perfect catch for each nightclub-owner. It is colorful and has a bright and rich color palette, which attracts attention at a glance. Also, this template is well-built and user-friendly, so both you and your customers will use your website without any complications.

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Online PC Games Joomla Theme

Online PC Games Joomla theme has multiple layout options and additional pages with UI elements. As you can see, this Joomla-based theme has plenty of useful functions and an understandable and clear structure. The design is simple and elegant, so it will fit any tastes. Moreover, it can be customized in a couple of steps, and you will be able to use this theme without any programming skills.

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Online Games Collection Joomla Template

This entertainment Joomla template has a fully responsive design and crossbrowser compatibility that makes it look and run perfectly on any device and in any browser you use. The included UI elements will give you an opportunity to add any type of content to your online games collection. It has an unusual modern design with bright eye-catching colors, which will please your customers.

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Popular Night Club Joomla Template

As you can see, this nightclub Joomla template has a simple design with several bright elements. It is fully responsive, so your clients will be able to look through your website with any mobile device they want. This template has the Parallax effect, which will make your website load perfectly after scrolling.

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Event Planning Agency Responsive Joomla Template

This entertainment Joomla template is a perfect choice for each event planner, as it looks pretty simple, but eye-catching. As can be seen, there are bright and colorful details on a white background, which is up-to-date and visually appealing. Also, this event planning template has multiple layout options with the Theme Color Switcher and the useful website Slider effect. Also, this template is mobile-friendly, so your website will look and run perfectly on any device screen.

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Perfect Games Portal Responsive Joomla Template

This Perfect Games Portal Responsive Joomla template can be quickly installed and customized in a few clicks according to the detailed instructions in its documentation. Also, you could place a blog or extra information about your special offers at the additional pages of this entertainment Joomla template. Besides, this theme is fully responsive and SEO-friendly. In other words, your website will look and function perfectly on any device and reach the top of search results.

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Web Radio Station Joomla Theme

This entertainment Joomla template for your radio station has not only an elegant design, but also extra social options, so your customers will be able to log in with their Facebook or Google+ accounts and listen to music online. It has multiple layout options and is easy-to-install, so you will be able to use it without any programming skills. Besides, there is a highly-trained provider’s support team that is always ready to help you with your issues.

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Stylish Unusual Event Planner Joomla Template

As can be seen, this event planner Joomla template has a rich color scheme and a clear structure with unusual color blocks. After installing you will be able to change the logo and the layouts quickly, as this template is fully editable and has multiple layout options. It’s the best choice for those, who want to stay competitive and successful. Also, this theme has Google map and Google Web Fonts integration, and your customers will be able to mark the events locations right away.

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Games Online Responsive Joomla Template

It’s not a secret, that it is very difficult to build a successful career using games on the Internet, so you should make your website one of the highest in the search results top. And you will have an opportunity to do it with the help of this games Joomla template, as it is responsive and SEO-friendly. Also, it crossbrowser compatible and your website will look and run perfectly on each website.

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Nightlife & Dance Club Joomla Template

Nightlife & Dance Club Joomla template is a real catch for nightlife lovers. Here you can create an official website for your nightclub and advertise it. Also, you can give here extra information about special offers at the additional pages. Furthermore, you can use a sortable gallery to place there inside-photos and your clients’ selfies.

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Event Planner Joomla Template

If you enjoy organizing parties and events, this template is a real catch for you. With its help you will easily create your event-making business and find new clients quickly. Using the sortable gallery you could create a perfect online-portfolio, and a flexible commenting system will be useful for those customers, who want to give you their feedback.

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Night Parties & Clubs Joomla Theme

This theme’s animation is based on three most popular effects: the Slider, Parallax and Lazy Load. Thanks to these effects your website will look gorgeous and load quickly. Using this nightlife Joomla theme you will have an opportunity to change layouts and modules, use the commenting system and fill the sortable gallery with the best photos of your nightclub. Furthermore, all these functions will run perfectly in any browser you like, as this theme is crossbrowser compatible.

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