Top 15 Travel And Hotel Joomla Templates

It’s a must-have for travel and hotels businesses to run their official websites. The worldwide web is probably the first place to which the users refer when they need to find a place where to stay for a night, have dinner, and simply spend some time in the pleasant atmosphere. One of the most common issues that we face when visiting travel and hotels sites is the cluttered design, which gets the web audience in the abundance of the information that pops up here and there on the web page. What’s the perfect solution to build a professional travel site? What CMS to choose? How to get started with the minimum investments? Let’s find answers to these questions in this post.

Why Choose Joomla

Joomla is the second most popular CMS after WordPress. The powerful set of features and extensive content management options make it the preferred CMS of millions of users who are looking for the most optimal solution to create, organize, sort, and display different pieces of content in the pro way on the site. Extensive interface control options are integrated into the CMS, making it possible to perform even the most complex content management and display tasks without any special coding skills or extra plugins required.

Joomla is the best CMS for the content-heavy websites. Online projects featuring complex navigation structures will also perform perfectly well on its basis. Joomla has a well-built structure and intuitive interfaces, making it possible even for the non-techies to create and manage websites on their own.

The community of designers and developers creating ready-made Joomla templates keeps on growing. Today, you should have no difficulty with coming up with the ready-made design suited to be used for a number of business niches. It’s worth noticing that travel Joomla templates are no exception.

What to Look up in Travel Joomla Themes

Launching a travel website suggests that you will need to add loads of content to its pages. It can be rather challenging to keep the design of the site usable and clutter-free yet introducing the web audience to all pieces of data that you want.

After looking through the most popular travel websites, we have come up with a checklist of the key factors that web designers need to keep in mind when creating effective travel sites.

  • Give preference to the well-structured content blocks featuring images and texts, containing mini-animations and rollover effects.
  • Soften the interface while using subdued colors and fonts.
  • Use page-width images and video backgrounds, which are worth 1,000 words.
  • Add transparency to different elements of the web design.
  • Bring the classic black-and-white style to the site, bringing a sense or simplicity and the focus on the essentials.

All of these techniques are used smartly in the 15 travel Joomla themes listed below. Just take a look.

Winter Tour – Travel Agency Responsive Joomla Template

Winter Tour Joomla template will be especially useful to everyone looking for the ready-made solution for the websites of travel agencies. All elements of the theme’s design are fully responsive. The clean layout is enhanced with the parallax scrolling and lazy load effects. The theme is built with the user in mind. Thanks to the social login feature, people can save time on the registration on the site.

Details | Demo

Bon Voyage – Travel Agency & Vacation planning Responsive Joomla Template

Bon Voyage Joomla template features a fully editable layout supporting all the major content types. A clean and spacious design of the pages is intended to keep the users’ attention focused on the hot tour and new destinations that appear on your site. The theme archive includes additional pages and UI elements, which are intended to bring a functional and attention-grabbing resource live much quicker. The integrated Google map and easy-to-reach contact details allow the customers get in touch with the company representatives in the most convenient way.

Details | Demo

Perfecto – Luxury Hotel Responsive Joomla Template

Perfecto is a responsive Joomla template that is best suited for building hotels and recreation sites. It features retina ready layout, which will display your offer in the most favorable manner. The theme is mobile-friendly. A sticky drop-down menu facilitates navigation on the site.

Details | Demo

Travel Agency Joomla Template

A clean and spacious design of this responsive Joomla template will breathe fresh air into travel and tourism sites. A page-width slider placed at the top of the homepage introduces the web users to the hottest deals from your travel agency. The theme is integrated with the social media options as well as a working contact form. The display of the user testimonials makes the presentation of your web resource more credible.

Details | Demo

Royal Villas – Spa Resort & Hotel Responsive Joomla Template

Royal Villas Joomla theme is intended to be used for spa resort and hotels sites. It is built in the usable flat style. A sticky drop-down menu provides the web users with the quick access to any piece of content that they find the most useful. The theme also includes the advanced search. With the intention to help your company get closer to the customers, there is a dedicated area on the homepage of the theme featuring links to their social media profiles.

Details | Demo

Diving Club – Sports & Outdoors & Diving Responsive Joomla Template

Diving Club Joomla template will work well for presenting sports and travel related sites. The homepage is enhanced with the carousel slider, which is intended to bring the users’ attention to the promos, new offers, the most trending articles, and other highlighted pieces of content. The theme includes a collection of additional pages, which are ready to be added to go live with some minor modifications.

Details | Demo

Travel Joomla Template

Paris Travel is a content-focused Joomla theme. A mobile-friendly layout will display content on all screen sizes perfectly well. The theme is optimized to handle photo-heavy web resources. A separate section with the thematic packages is provided to bring the hottest deals with quick explanations and pricing details in the spotlight.

Details | Demo

Crimzon Joomla Template

The theme looks simple yet no less functional. It includes theme color switcher, which allows you to tweak the color palette of the ready-made design with a single click. The layout is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible, which provides for the seamless performance of the web resources in all web environments. The theme also includes social login feature, which allows the customers to reach their personal cabinets without the necessity to register on the site.

Details | Demo

Skydiving Club – Extreme Sports & Skydiving Club Joomla Template

This Joomla template is intended to appeal to the extreme sports fans. A clean and straightforward design delivers the messages and objectives of skydiving clubs clearly. The responsive layout of the template is enhanced with the functional MegaMenu, which makes the browsing experience more seamless and intuitive. The parallax scrolling images add a feeling of depth to the minimalist flat design of the theme.

Details | Demo

Fishing Responsive Joomla Template

The responsive Joomla template is perfectly suited for presenting fishing, hunting, and active lifestyle projects on the web. The layout is enhanced with the lazy load effect, which makes different pieces of content visible as the users browse the web page. The mosaic content structure adds special visual appeal to the theme. The template also includes video support, which plays short video clips automatically whenever a person reaches the specific area.

Details | Demo

City Hotel Joomla Template

The template features a simple yet usable layout structure. The main navigation panel is presented by means of the MegaMenu, which remains fixed at the top of the page as the users browse the site’s content. A black-and-white color scheme adds a classy and refined look to the visual presentation of the hotels business. For a more remarkable showcase of the hotel rooms, the theme includes a responsive carousel slider. The integrated Google map reveals the shortest route to the hotel’s physical location.

Details | Demo

Hotels Responsive Joomla Template

Cleano is a clean and fully responsive Joomla template that is intended to be used for hotels and recreation sites. A fully editable layout includes the theme color switcher tools, which allows you to adjust the color palette of your site with a few clicks. For a more remarkable visual appeal of the web project, the theme includes a carousel slider and the parallax scrolling animation. A usable contact form is provided to let the web audience make quick reservations on the site.

Details | Demo

Hotel Suite Joomla Template

The parallax scrolling animation added to the backgrounds of the template lures and captivates the users with the three-dimensional content view. The clean design of the template is impressively usable. The main navigation panel remains in the fixed position as the users browse the content. The lazy load effect shows up the data provided on the web page when the person scrolls down to it. Thanks to the integrated Twitter widget, the latest tweets are displayed in the separate section on the homepage.

Details | Demo

Hotels Responsive Joomla Template

The classy flat style of the template will be a perfect fit for blogs and business sites related to the hotels industry. The layout is enhanced with the split screen technique, which allows you to present different types of data on one page simultaneously. The main navigation panel is hidden and presented in the form of the sticky hamburger menu icon, which reveals menu items with a click. User testimonials are organized in the carousel slider, which was added to the homepage. Thanks to the online reservation form, the web users will be able to book a room with a few clicks only.

Details | Demo

Hotels and Motels Joomla Template

This is the last but not the least impressive Joomla theme for hotel sites mentioned on this list. It features a minimalist design, which is easy and intuitive to navigate. The content on the theme’s pages is surrounded with whitespace, which makes it look more outstanding. The parallax scrolling animation adds a dynamic touch to the template. Thanks to the sticky MegaMenu, reaching the necessary piece of content will get much quicker and effortless.

Details | Demo

We have a strong belief that every business that is related to the travel and hotels businesses should look appealing yet user-friendly. The desired effect can be reached with the help of the 15 responsive Joomla templates that we’ve reviewed briefly in this post. All of them were taken from the digital marketplace at Designed and developed as per the latest web requirements, the themes are intended to make every web project developed on their basis more noticeable and recognizable on the web. Are you eager to check this out by yourself? Go ahead, browse the free live demos of the themes, and pick the design that will suit your business project ideally.

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