Top 10 Food & Restaurant Joomla Themes

To say the truth, plenty of people before visiting a café or restaurant, visit various websites in order to find out some feedback on the quality of dishes and provided services. Sometimes it will take them too long to come across something that will provide them with all the necessary information. We think that it would extremely great to gather all relevant information in one single online project. For this reason, your restaurant definitely needs a stunning website that comes together with a menu, prices, locations, and feedback of those people who have already tasted your food and, without any doubt, remained satisfied.

As you can understand, each restaurant or café needs to grow a strong online presence and, moreover, increase the awareness of the brand. By the way, websites presenting various cooking recipes are not the exception, too. If you want people to draw their attention to your blog, not someone else, you should certainly find something that will catch their fancy.

Why Do You Need To Turn Your Attention to Ready-Made Food & Restaurant Templates

To cut a long story short, all of the Joomla templates presented below come equipped with a fully featured package of various options. Each of these templates has a fascinating design that will focus the attention of your target audience on your content. In addition to this, you will find fully functional and remarkable menus and different gorgeous galleries that will assist you in showcasing pictures of your dishes. Finally, a wide variety of additional pages will provide you with a high-quality presentation of your services and a talented team who implements plenty of stunning ideas in life.

TemplateMonster selected the top 10 food & restaurant Joomla templates that will help you to create a website regarding any possible cuisine. Believe us, all of them look extremely delicious and, in addition to this, mouthwatering. So, let’s find something your cup of tea here and now…

Quick Food – Adorable Joomla Template

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A tasty theme designed to help you present your fast food restaurant on the web. It will provide you with a chance to customize it in leaps and bounds with the help of the color theme switcher (it will help you to increase your brand awareness). In addition to this, a vast number of additional pages allow you to describe your restaurant in the smallest details and make people get acquainted with your staff and services.

European Restaurant – Delicious Joomla Template

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If you want your European restaurant to be presented in a creative and stylish way, you should, probably, take a glance at this modern theme. It comes together with a Google Map integration that will help your target audience to find out the precise location of your restaurant. Furthermore, a social login will allow using various social networks to register on the website, while a contact form will make it possible to grow a strong online communication with your clients.

Fitty Twister – Tender Joomla Template

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Fitty Twister is a fully-fledged template that includes all essential features in order to help you run a rich website regarding your cocktail bar. A wonderful Ajax cart allows your customers to add the desired products to cart without page reloading and, in such a way, no one will be irritated with an interrupted shopping process. In addition to this, a huge amount of pre-made pages will help you tell more information about the assortment.

Wine Time – Vibrant Joomla Template

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If you want everyone to taste your high-quality wine, you should certainly present a wide variety of its different sorts with the help of this marvelous theme. It includes an engaging Parallax animation that will make visitors come back to your website again and again. Furthermore, a collection of stunning Google Fonts will help you to create a truly passionate website.

Cookery Book – Excellent Joomla Template

Details | Demo

If you have plenty of recipes in your cooking book, you should certainly implement it on the Internet in order to make everyone fall in love with your dishes. With the help of the remarkable TM Gallery, you can showcase photos of your delicious food in an out-of-the-ordinary way. In addition to this, you can describe your passion for cooking using a lot of special additional pages.

Brewery – Extraordinary Joomla Template

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Let’s turn out a typical website presenting a brewery house into a true masterpiece with the help of this stunning template. this fascinating theme gives you the opportunity to impress everyone with an attention-grabbing design that comes together with a gorgeous background and pleasant hues. Moreover, it includes an excellent gallery that allows you to display various images in a wonderful way. Finally, a wide variety of header variations will help you to impress everyone with a tailor-made look of your online-project.

Indian Restaurant – Exotic Joomla Template

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An out-of-the-box theme that allows you to spread the word about your Indian restaurant all over the Internet. It includes plenty of fully functional features to help you manage your future website – for example, multiple color options, an amazing Parallax animation, a wonderful background video, and so on and so forth. Furthermore, you can easily present your professional and skilled team and the services that they provide using a multitude of additional pages.

Re Conetta – Admirable Joomla Template

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It doesn’t matter what kind of cuisine you desire to present with the help of this outstanding template – each of them will play out in fresh colors. This exciting theme gives you a wonderful opportunity to present your menu with all necessary prices directly on the homepage. In addition to this, it also allows you to showcase featured dishes using a fully-fledged slider.

 IceKai – Gorgeous Joomla Template

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Don’t worry, this template wasn’t created by Snow Queen – it was designed by the team of professional web designers regarding the latest trends. For these reasons, IceKai comes together with a palette of low-key colors, attractive images, and lovely handwritten fonts. Moreover, a powerful social integration will help your customers to share well-favored content on their social networks, while a great commenting system will make it possible to reach out to you and ask about some details about your products.

Catering Services Joomla Template

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A splendid template that will convince people of the fact that you will provide them with the best catering services. A wonderful gallery will give you the opportunity to display your dishes in the most elegant way ever, while a full-screen map will make it possible to present your location and make your services look more reliable in the eyes of your core audience. In addition to this, a great number of additional pages will help you to tell more about your company and its team.

All things considered, the presentation of your restaurant or café will turn out into something remarkable and attention-getting if you choose one of these excellent templates. Forget your doubts and look through them in order to find the best one. Believe us, you will certainly get a marvelous website that will make your visitors stand still with wonder. Thanks for reading!

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