7 Things To Check for picking up the right theme

Here are the seven different things you should be considering when picking your WordPress theme, okay so every single website needs to have a theme. We’ll talk about a little bit what page builders coming, and how that makes things a little bit muddier than they used to be but every website in WordPress must have a theme.

Picking the right one can seem like an overwhelming task by the end of this article, however, I’ll give you eight things to think about to help you make the right decision. As well as giving you a couple of recommendations of my own all right let’s go and dive in.

1. Checking the company behind the theme

So the first thing you want to keep in mind when picking a theme is the company that is behind the theme and this is something that most people don’t think about. You go in your search for a theme you look for one that looks pretty, and you go with it but the company track record is a huge consideration. Because not all companies are gonna be around tomorrow in the next day and all that stuff. You don’t want your website to be deprecated and your website to be abandoned if that were to happen. So picking the right company upfront is huge.

So let’s just take a couple of looks at the most popular themes out there. The 2019 theme it’s installed on every single website that is created right now, so you can see when you search inside the WordPress repository for the themes can see the rating reviews number of active installs all that good stuff.


Here you’ve got 44 ratings at three and a half star reviews then you look at some of the more recommended ones. I recommend as well Astro by brain storm-force these are all free themes by the way at over two thousand two hundred five-star reviews. You’ve got ocean WP at over twenty-five hundred five-star reviews, you even got generate press at. You know only 860 reviews which is still huge at five stars, so when you compare those to the 2019 theme maybe going with default. It is not really the way to go you want to make sure that the company is supporting it growing it, and listening to customer feedback.

2. The business model

It is that which is supporting these companies who develop these themes so WordPress as we go back over here you know, that is the open-source WordPress community. They have their own revenue streams is it are directly tied to the success of the 2019 theme. Not so much right everybody at this point knows you can switch off the default theme, so I’m not sure exactly how frequently that’s 119 themes is kept updated and maintained by WordPress. So that is another kind of a flag bearer with sticking with a default WordPress theme.

How do these premium themes make money?

However, Astra they make money by selling premium versions brainstorm force has a whole portfolio of other tools that help support their company but Astra is kind of like the gateway drug into a brainstorm for us. It is a free theme is a high-quality free theme and from there brainstorm force node you get into our ecosystem.

We can sell you on some other premium products as well so they’re a company that is here they have a solid business model, and it’s one that can be trusted Oshin WP in a similar format. They have other premium extensions that help support the development of their own themes, so you want to make sure that, not only is the come is the theme good-looking but also is the company behind it is in a good state. Are these companies making money to where you can trust your online business with their software?

3. Performance

You know we don’t want a slow website nobody wants that so what you can do is if you’re looking at a couple of different websites or a couple of different themes and you want to test them out you can use a tool I’ll put in the link in the description below GT metrics com that I’ll let you you know to load up the theme do whatever you want to with it and then run some speed tests.

The main thing you want to be looking at is not so much the fully loaded time because there’s a lot of variabilities that can come in that you know it depends on what type of a connection you get the first time you run it but what you want to look at is the page size and the total requests, as well as some of these performance scores, can be kind of indicative of what’s going on with your website

Astra vs Default theme based on performance

I’m comparing Astra and the default 2019 theme you know most people assume oh the best-performing theme in WordPress. It is going to be the default theme, why would that not be true it’s logical but it’s not necessarily true. In this case, these are both very empty websites there’s not a lot going on here. But you can see when it comes to page size, Astra is actually a little bit smaller than the default 2019 theme. As far as other performance metrics it looks just as good, so don’t assume that the free default WordPress theme is gonna be your best performing theme.

4. Using a Workflow

This is a personal thing whatever workflow works best for you what works best for me is being able to have some good global options. It has to be able to set the color of my buttons and never have to worry about the color of my buttons again, and things like that. Different themes have their own customizer styles you know, For example, ocean WP has a lot of different options. It can be a little overwhelming, and you can find yourself hunting, and picking the right selection for your own changes.

Astra has I think honestly a bit more of a straightforward customizer, so picking the workflow that works right for you. Even some premium themes that are not free themes don’t have as many options as some of the ones I mentioned here.

5. Customization options

When you’re in the customizer, does it allow you to change the header font size? the h1, the h2, the h3, the h4 are some of those different things. There it seems a little silly right now, but if you find a theme that doesn’t allow you to customize that level of granularity in a logical way.

6. Good Typography

You can find yourself really frustrated and not having a good time when it comes to changing all the typography of your entire website. So customization options you want to look for things like being able to set how wide your container layout is. You know do you like a very narrow blog do you like a very wide blog, I think there are better all the different options, you want to make sure your theme has good typography.

7. Integrations

This is kind of a cherry on top of things, so when you want to build out a real business you don’t want to just have a blog, you might want to also sell things using WooCommerce, and so you want to make sure your theme has a good cut, good customizer settings with the WooCommerce area. Where you can change the layouts of your products that your pages. All those different aspects you may also want to bring in a learning management system like a learn dash into your website.

This is very theme dependent on whether the layouts the styles of a learn dash or a lift or LMS will be well supported with your website. The list goes on and on obviously of all the different functions you can add to a website. The main thing you want to look for though is that the web theme you’re using has the broad support of the most popular tools that are out there in WordPress.

8. Checking theme on a Dummy website

What I would recommend you do is set up a dummy website. If you’re using Bluehost through my affiliate link you’ll be able to create as many websites as you want on that plan, and just use a couple as a testbed, and test it out see what it looks like play around with it. Check if it works for you you know some of the best themes out there, I’m not as big of a fan of just because of my own personal preference and what I look for in a website, but if you keep in mind all the things. We just talked about the real deciding factors of what website themes are is it going to be good for you what’s gonna make you happy to work in because you’ll be working in it quite a lot in the future.


Alright, guys so that was eight different things you should be considering when you’re figuring out your own WordPress theme. If you have any queries regarding these eight different methods, you can comment down below.

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