Which One is Better Joomla vs WordPress vs Drupal

Let’s talk about drupal versus WordPress and vice versa. While WordPress is still the leader in admin experience when you’re creating websites. It’s very easy for the marketers or whoever is using it to get around and do what they need.

Advantages of using Drupal

But with great flexibility comes great responsibility and that flexibility can sometimes be a detriment to the site. So as you get into larger more complex websites with things like complex content needs, so you’ve got a complex course catalog or content, that comes from microservices or rest or multiple levels of permission on content for different user roles. The complex search experiences for example that’s when you start to get into more of the drupal, it would be better to do this in drupal. Also, authenticated users, if you’ve got a site that has a large authenticated user-based drupal is still your best bet on that complex customization requirements.

Drupal Vs WordPress

We’ve got to build something that interfaces with third-party apps and WordPress is good at that for some things but it is really complex custom interfacing. Drupal might be the best bet for that same thing for any inter integrations with web services microservices complex integration with an iPhone app pulling content back and forth. Maybe drupal’s a better bet and then for more enterprise situations especially if you’re updating and adding features to the site all the time configuration. Management with Drupal is extremely important the ability to make changes on a development environment, and export your changes to configuration or code and then deploy.

That through a proper release process drupal’s the way to go in WordPress there I saw a few workarounds for this but it’s really not as robust as drupal’s deployment infrastructure. More enterprises think of drupal beyond the simple news and content-focused sites and then security requirements that are a bit more strict. Drupal can be the winner on this especially if you have PCI compliance requirements, you need to do some sort of database encryption.

WordPress vs Drupal in case of experience and personalization

The hen also the fact that WordPress is just so popular right now it suffers from the Microsoft versus Apple thing so many Microsoft computers in the world. That means that they tend to get hacked more because there are more of them and WordPress is definitely suffering from that. However, WordPress can make it just as secure as Drupal. If you follow the proper steps do the proper security updates. There are even platforms that manage that for you and then put a CDN and web application firewall in front of that, and one more thing where drupal really tends to excel.

if you’re doing true personalization or making a digital experience platform out of this, where the content really has to be customized and changed based on the user or the actions that they take on the page. Or from what segment they’re coming from Drupal is really the leader in this area

WordPress Advantages and Disadvantages

So let’s talk about WordPress basically everything else so small to medium businesses publications e-commerce stores startups nonprofits

WordPress for eCommerce

WordPress is really great for that e-commerce they’ve got Woocommerce which is a plug-in, but it’s like plugging in an entire huge e-commerce functionality. It’s not just a plug-in it’s really full-featured and customizable, and you can really do well with that some people compare it with Shopify. Woocommerce is a bit more code-based and customizable than that usability and flexibility. WordPress just if you’ve got something you just want to get stuff done, or you just want to focus on digital marketing more than the code, and layout, and custom theme, and making everything complex on the website.

Get your stuff done smoothly

If you just want to get stuff done WordPress is really great you’re starting a business or you already have a small business startup, something like that great use case for that nonprofit, and with that are the starter themes. WordPress just has a ton of different starter themes that are extremely varied and also easy to customize so if you just want to get something up and running use a pre-built theme slap, a skin, or look on your website and get going WordPress is great also plugins.

WordPress of course by being larger sometimes just wins out on you know if you’ve got this eccentric little thing WordPress probably has a plugin for it already and of course WordPress can run large sites big news sites use WordPress.

The similarity between the CMS

It’s not a size or traffic type question it’s more about how complex the website is and what you’re doing with it. Also, both can live happily together right on college campuses sometimes we’ll see WordPress being used for the student groups, and smaller one-off projects and then drupal being used for the department websites, or the main home page, and they both run on PHP. There are great hosting platforms like a pantheon, where you can run both of them on the same hosting platform. So you don’t always have to think about one versus the other sometimes in an ecosystem they can work well together.

if you have a developer that knows how to maintain one it’s pretty easy for them to learn the other so if you’re trying to make a choice between the two, hopefully, some of this has helped. Feel free to reach out to us through the comment section.

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