Jedi Multifunctional Joomla Theme Review

You can’t deny that website building is a popular thing today. Every startup, as well as a well-known company, needs its website to be done. That is how everything works in the 21st century: people meet new items and find new services online. Without a doubt, owning a worthy online project brings a lot of benefits from audience growth to entering the global market. With it, the number of the supporting platforms, tools, and companies becomes bigger every month. Given these points, we decided to make a review for one of the most usable Joomla templates. Would you like to launch your website? Have you ever thought about using this theme for it? In this case, our post will be helpful for you.

Jedi Multifunctional Joomla

So, what are the features, Jedi Multifunctional Joomla template contains in its package? Let’s see.


Before all else, this immersive Joomla theme is multifunctional. Thus, Jedi fits multiple business types. You are able to run several online projects for various services without buying another template. As a result, opening the demo of Jedi, you will see that the theme comes with 40 ready-made online paged. Each of them was pre-designed by a professional team, so you can showcase the needed services without performing any changes. Unquestionably, all-in-one templates are comfortable. To say more, it is a must-have option for the big developers and other guys that want to set up several websites at the same time. Thanks to Jedi, you can both save time and money.

Fully Responsive Design

Jedi Multifunctional Joomla

To continue, another must-have feature for any classy online project is 100% responsive design. To make a long story short, it means that your website will look awesome on any device. What is more, it does not matter which screen size your visitor has! Each and every one of your online pages will be rendered perfectly and automatically. By the way, don’t worry about such design elements as buttons, icons, boxes, counters… All of them will also chance sizes up to the screen they are viewed on.

Search Engines Optimization

Can you imagine creating a successful site without using SEO? Yes, we can’t too! What does it bring to you? Basically, SEO is a smart technology, which optimizes your online project with all the popular search systems. It allows Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to find your site rapidly by noticing it among all the analogues. Therefore, there will be more people to see your website. It results in audience growth and finding new customers. Jedi is an SEO-ready Joomla theme with a clean code that meets the requirements of modern search systems.

Crossbrowser Compatibility

Being crossbrowser compatible, Jedi lets you forget what a browser-testing routine is. Shortly, this top-notch Joomla theme will make your online project look stylish in any browser.


There are a lot of things that you can get thanks to MegaMenu plugin. To start with, it will improve your SEO without a hitch. Still, the main goal of MegaMenu is letting you create the menus of any complicity. You can add as many categories as you want, use the images to design your menu, and much more. In addition, a built-in MegaMenu allows you to enrich the site with a user-friendly navigation. Thus, you will help a prospect find whatever they need in a few seconds.

Event Calendar

You can find this simple feature in the package of Jedi. Using Event Calendar, you will show your schedule to the potential customers. This helpful feature is easy-to-use, so you can add new events effortlessly.

Theme Color Switcher

As you can see, Jedi provides you with multiple modern options. One of them is Theme Color Switcher. Using the feature, you can change the look of your online pages in a single click. There is a palette of trendy, eye-pleasing colors inside Jedi. Obviously, you take each of them to modify the design of the site up to your taste.

Contact Form and Online Chat

Should we remind you that a winning website is a trustworthy one? Therefore, we recommend you to let people contact you directly. For these simple reasons, Jedi contains a quick contact form. What is more, this hi-res Joomla theme also comes with a pre-packed live chat you can use.

Kunena Forum and Komento Component

To make a long story short, these functions allow you hearing the opinion of your audience. On one hand, you can create a fashionable forum with Kunena. On the other hand, you let the visitors commend your blog posts, using Komento.

Charts and Bars

At the outset, a website owner has less than 10 seconds to attract a visitor. That is why you need a visually pleasing and well-organized design. Your main task is to present the needed information in the most advantageous way, without overloading the pages. You can do it with Jedi because it has charts and bars. There are different strikingly-colored graphics and diagrams to make your content look more credible and visualize data in various ways.

Social Login

This clever option allows people to save time and skip the registration. Thanks to Social Login, your customers will be able to enter your site via their social network accounts.

Social Integration

Would you like to get more social traffic? In this case, Social Integration is just what the doctor ordered. Jedi allows you to integrate with social media easily, share your updates, and create beautiful galleries.

What Are the Other Options Jedi Contains?

  • Parallax
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Portfolio
  • Headers and Footers
  • 45 PSD included
  • Advanced Search
  • Google Maps
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Google Fonts
  • Sortable Gallery
  • Slider
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Pricing Tables, and more.

Jedi Multifunctional Joomla

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