How to Create Visually Appealing Website with Best Parallax Templates

Seeing is believing… Visual perception plays an important role in our everyday life because it helps us to learn about the surrounding world and interact with others. Close your eyes and try to go, touch any object and describe it. It’s rather difficult because you don’t see that object. However, when your eyes are open, you are able to remember considerably more information than through other ways of perception. So don’t downplay the importance of impressive, catchy visual effects in your business presentation, corporate website, or personal blog in order to make it more memorable for potential customers. Fortunately, it’s possible to turn to Parallax web design!

The Phenomenon of Parallax Technique

Parallax scrolling is a web design trend where the background image or other content is in motion, moving at a slower rate to the foreground layout. That said, such a technique results in a 3D effect while scrolling. Sometimes, it is overwhelming but developers always try to improve this technology and make it less heavy. For example, with the invention of CSS3 coding Parallax-powered pages take less time to download.

Back to the Roots

Firstly the term “parallax” appeared in video games and defined a scrolling with a 2D effect. Web developers created the illusion of depth using different movement speeds of various background images. The background moved slower than the rest of the graphics on the screen.

Today Parallax scrolling is extremely growing in popularity because it brings users to a new interactive level of perception of online information. When you implement this technology into your digital service, the process of your site viewing will become more engaging and enjoyable. It’s a great chance to make your web presence more appealing to your customers. Moreover, with such an impressive visual effect it’s possible to create countless creative apps and web designs (for example, Parallax scrolling Joomla templates) for online storytelling.

Core Benefits of Parallax Scrolling Websites

Parallax helps users to penetrate into virtual reality, provides an interesting browsing experience, and just makes your web presence more professional looking. With this technology inside your code, you will be able to stand out from the digital crowd and give your business more advanced promotion. To sum up, Parallax design is a great chance to:

  • Impress viewers with a wow 3D effect.
  • Guide visitors through the site with scrolling storytelling.
  • Stand out from the crowd.
  • Keep up with the times and build a web presence in accordance with the latest trends and requirements.
  • Build a powerful and affordable website using one of the Joomla templates featuring a scrolling effect.
  • Make visitors stay longer on your page by encouraging them to scroll.
  • Prompt your viewers to calls to action.

Parallax scrolling is a kind of augmented reality. This interactive and extremely versatile solution will definitely add innovative value to your web presence and significantly boost your business. Let’s take a look at some of the best Joomla Parallax templates.

SmartCoach – Speaker Life Coach Joomla Template

Smart Coach

Details | Demo

SmartCoach offers a streamlined and impressive design packed with a rich list of useful, handy features. The template comes with beautiful icons, tons of web fonts, a collection of page layouts, stunning Parallax animation, and other efficient visual elements aimed to grab visitors’ attention. Alongside advanced Megamenu, you achieve various options for a catchy portfolio and feature-rich blog.

Stefan Thomson – Elegant Personal Web Designer Portfolio Joomla Template

Stefan Thomson

Details | Demo

Stefan Thomson is a flexible, fully responsive template that includes tons of custom widgets and features ready for you to import. In combination with elegant yet functional design, the template offers the modern visual solution – Parallax scrolling. Moreover, it incorporates multiple additional pages for all occasions, rich UI elements, handy social login, and a usable blog. With a convenient Contact form and Newsletter subscription, it will be easier to reach out to your clients.

Campines – Bright Kids & Teenagers Summer Camp Joomla Template


Details | Demo

Campines is a completely gorgeous and visually neatly organized, endlessly intuitive, and user-friendly template dedicated to a summer camping topic. Thanks to an outstanding background solution, your site viewers will be wowed with a 3D effect. The template boasts a pixel-perfect, attractive, and visually appealing design and advanced functionality. With a built-in commenting block, your website will look interactive and trustworthy because your customers have an opportunity to leave comments about your service.

Jumerix Multipurpose Joomla Theme


Details | Demo

Jumerix is a professionally designed, visually stunning, and inspired, thoughtfully structured, and tech-savvy template that suits any business solution. The template is carefully built with Parallax technology which helps to create an impeccable and appealing web presence. Jumerix is very easily customizable at every level, from color switching to content displaying. With multiple Joomla modules, it is possible to enrich your site with extremely handy elements to make users’ experiences more enjoyable.

Eventis – Business Conference Joomla Template


Details | Demo

Eventis is a clean, light, minimalistic yet feature-rich template that can be used for setting up a business conference presentation. Alongside impressive parallax effects, the template is equipped with a bunch of social options, advanced built-in blog functionality, and an eye-catching gallery. It’s easy as pie to install and customize it since it comes with comprehensive documentation.

Black Rock – Industrial Company Joomla Template

Black Rock

Details | Demo

Black Rock is a thorough and competent industrial company template with extensive functionality, a number of additional pages, and a rich list of user interface elements. The template is cross-browser compatible and fully responsive so that it can run freely on any modern device. Due to heavy reliance on computer animation, many users will be more receptive to your site using the parallax scrolling technique. With a personal blog, you can share your thought and keep in touch with your existing and potential customers.

Business Responsive Joomla Template

Business Responsive

Details | Demo

Whatever business you want to launch online, this Joomla template is the right choice. It comes with a Retina-ready, elegant design, a bunch of additional pages like Forum, Pricing, Testimonials, etc., and a number of editable features like color, font, and others. With the Parallax scrolling effect, your site’s appearance and navigation will wow your viewers and make their experience more engaging and satisfying.

Advertis – Advertising Agency Joomla Template


Details | Demo

Advertis is an engaging and efficient platform for the creation of a sophisticated modern website in an advertising area and not only. The template fully packed with incredible typography and extensive functionality. Advertise welcomes visitors with a catchy width-screen slider, advanced menu, and pixel-perfect graphics. It is extremely easy and handy to navigate through the site thanks to the back-to-top button and smooth scrolling.

TravelBlog – Travel Guide Joomla Template

Travel Blog

Details | Demo

TravelBlog is a visually stunning and technologically powerful, attractive, and engaging Parallax template. The template features an appealing Parallax video, incredibly beautiful page design, and smooth interface. In addition to a rich collection of the standard page, you get additional ones like FAQ, Careers, Portfolio, etc. Moreover, to keep in touch with your viewers, use social buttons, subscription forums, and blog pages. Thanks to the Back to top button the site navigation is easy and handy.

Personal Page Responsive Joomla Template

Personal Page

Details | Demo

With this sleek-looking and technologically sophisticated personal page Joomla template, you can set up a gorgeous, captivating, and extensively functional blog or business website for all occasions. Except for basic web pages, you have access to additional ones. Based on Parallax animation, the theme features a visually stunning background with a 3D effect. Additionally, you can use this web technique to create navigational storytelling to engage your site visitors and make them stay there longer.

Parallax-powered websites boast incredibly user-friendly interfaces and extremely interactive experiences that will definitely help to skyrocket any business or personal website to the heights of success. If you have a one-page site, an outstanding 3D effect while scrolling will make your service more attractive and professional looking. Don’t be afraid that your web page will lose fast-loading because of this beautiful technology. Using these Joomla templates based on CSS3 coding, any visual effect won’t overwhelm your site.

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