Don’t hang around waiting for someone else to take your place; suit up and get on the piste with a great ecommerce store using the eSport Joomla template. With superior functionality you and your customers are guaranteed of a superior experience that puts those of your competitors in the shade.


Gavern Framework

All GavickPro templates are built on the Gavern – one of the best, intuitive and customizable framework for Joomla Templates.

Custom Typography

Add style and pizzazz with GavickPro built-in typography features: code listings, quotes, text blocks with icons, tooltips, and more.

Support for mobile devices

Be up-to-date; amaze your visitors by using templates with support for mobile devices like iPhone, Android mobiles and other!

Social API

Let users log in using their Facebook account, and easily add social media buttons to your site (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc…).


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