David Braun Interview – CEO of TemplateMonster

Ever wanted to start a website? Well, in this modern era you can launch it in no time. People visit a website preliminary to find information. Are you thinking about hiring a professional designer? You will spend a ton of money on expensive products and get a headache instead. Lucky we are to have a better solution known as a ready-made template. Gone are those days when deep coding and programming skills so as effort and patience have been an integral part of getting a website up and running. Nowadays it’s just a piece of cake. Everything you need to do is customizing the template’s layout, adding the content and you are ready to go live.
Among many companies that develop ready-made web templates stand apart in the design, quality, and support. Today we will talk to a well-known co-founder and CEO of TemplateMonster David Braun and learn his fascinating story of success. David Braun is a prominent figure in the IT-sphere and web design, a widely known public activist, the happy father of 3 children, and a serial IT entrepreneur. No doubt, we are going to have an interesting interview.

Hello, David! Firstly, we want to thank you for your concern. Tell us about the concept of the template itself. How did you come up with this idea?

In 2002, started as a local web agency we used to sell our products worldwide. With the evolution in the web industry, our customers started striving for more creative and cheaper solutions. Once I saw one of our designers modifying a ready-made template. At one time there came up an idea of a pre-made design conception. Thus, we decided to reshape our agency into an online shop selling web templates. IT world gives you cards in your hands to bring all possible ideas into life. As a result, a small web agency with 10 employees has developed into a giant TemplateMonster company.

And what is the main idea of TemplateMonster’s brand?

To start with, TemplateMonster is a tight family consisting of our team and clients. Over these 14 years, we’ve developed our own traditions, corporate style, and ethics. We take an active part in our corporate life and social projects, take part in sports events, marathons, and charity.

Do you have any special requirements or personal skills necessary for a person who wants to become a part of your company?

As such, there are some. Actually, I try to follow one rule never stop choosing people surrounding me. Our team consists of smart and intelligent people. We try to create an environment in which our team can make smart decisions and achieve its fullest potential. We strive to reach a work-life balance, i.e. a balance between personal and professional lives.

Sounds greatly and enthusiastic! And what about some challenges? Did you face any?

Indeed. Over these 14 years, there were enough difficult times. Fortunately, every lesson our life gives makes us strong and more persistent to reach our aim. Some of our clients referred to our outdated templates and we had to remove them from the marketplace. Thus, we started receiving multiple complaints and negative feedback. This made us pull ourselves together, helped us to understand what our customers really needed, and started developing a new win-win strategy for our company.

Okay. So, if one takes a closer look at the marketplace of TemplateMonster, what can he find there? Is there any list of products to choose from?

Our marketplace is a spot with over 26,000 templates designed on different CMS platforms to meet the needs of different types of sites. We aim to please as many customers as possible. The ready-made templates are not the only ones present there. Besides, you can find out more cool stuff such as landing pages, plugins and extensions, email templates, tutorials, free 24/7 personal support, and many other products.

And do you know who your customers are? What level of coding or developing skills should they have to use your templates?

Indeed. Most parts of our clients are entrepreneurs with less or no tech-savvy skills as well as professional developers. Buying a template from TemplateMonster each of them gets his own benefits he’s looking for. We believe in this way we offer some level of independence for them. We offer cost-effective ready-made solutions, which can be tweaked up to your needs with ease. You know what? Sometimes it happened that a professionally designed website template cannot meet your needs and it costs a considerable sum of money. Here TemplateMonster comes in handy. By getting a ready-made template, you can see the final product you pay for. Well, on your part add the content, video, audio, and the other entertaining stuff and voila, your web page is ready to go live.

Well, did you have any clients with no idea how to use the template itself? It’s not a secret that entrepreneurs have become more impatient and they are looking for smart solutions to generate more revenues.

A great question, by the way. TM Service Center is a way to go when you want to skip installation or customization processes and get a custom design. A team of pros will take care of your template and reshape it into the website within 24 hours. For a reasonable price get all the modifications you want.

And when is the time for redesigning a website? Is there any fixed time?

Well, there is no fixed time. Nevertheless, you should bring new updates to it in order not to miss the moment when your website starts looking outdated. If your business is important for you, believe me, you will try to do your best to take your website up a notch. There are some important aspects to be checked over, such as readability, SEO rankings, responsiveness as well as navigation. If you want to stay on top of the search engines take care of the regular updates for your website.

Nowadays there are several big web template providers. What are the main advantages or reasons why the customers should choose your company?

To start with, a lifetime free 24/7 custom support is one of the main reasons to choose us. As far as I know, no other web provider offers the same. We work until every customer is satisfied 100%. Our library counts 26+K themes and templates to choose from. Most of them are user-friendly and up-to-date. In addition, every template is carefully tested by the whole team of pros before being added to our collection. Moreover, TemplateMonster has entered the top 3 of the web design companies at TrustPilot. Check out this reliable resource with verified customer reviews.

In addition, our prices are equal to what our competitors charge. There are some ways to save on your purchase. You can always find promo codes to cut down the price by 10%-40%, large discounts on Christmas, Independence Day, etc. Some our products come packed with HD images, which gives you another great opportunity to save on stock photos.

Well, and how web developers can benefit from your templates?

Actually, templates can help web developers to speed up their workflow. There is at least one suitable solution designed already in our marketplace. Building the client’s website will save a lot of time and effort to web developers. At the same period, they can create 3 times more orders. Why reinvent the wheel?

And what about some partner or loyalty programs? Are there any?

Certainly, we collaborate with web studios and web developers worldwide. The other day, we launched a great project which allows web developers get as such. TM Certification Center provides you with complete courses training and a final test to get a certificate from a globally recognized web design company.

You have a wide choice of free templates, too. Certainly, some people hesitate whether to choose premium ones. What will you recommend?

Taking into consideration free templates developed by TemplateMonster you can use them for any project for sure. Look, these are the same quality as the premium ones. The only difference is a number of features pre-packed and a custom 24/7 support as well. Everything depends on your business goal.

What are your predictions in the modern web world? What is your advice on how to increase personal and professional productivity?

The modern web design industry is expanding. Trends come and go. The only rule is to keep flexible and ready to adjust to your audience to keep your business safe. There are dozens of great tools and apps on the web today. Many of them always come in handy. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Web design will still be in demand, unless some methods and techniques may change. Try to be open-minded to changes, don’t stop, and use any chance to represent your idea. Love what you do and do what you love.

Thank you, David, for this very interesting and informative interview.

Thank you.

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