7 Beginner WordPress Mistakes in Brief

I’ll go over 7 mistakes beginner WordPress users make in hopes to save you from making them yourself.

1. Installing WordPress in a subdirectory called WordPress

The WordPress zip file places all core files in a folder entitled WordPress beginners to tend to make the mistake of simply uploading this folder, rather than uploading the files and folders contained within it. When you upload the parent folder, your website gets directed to website com slash WordPress, rather than just website com.

WordPress does allow you to install in any directory you want but it’s easier to just install WordPress in the default location. Which is usually the root of your domain under public HTML or in a subdirectory such as a slash block.

2. Not using permalinks out-of-the-box

The default permalink structure for WordPress is slash question mark P equals one two three, many beginners do not change this default permalink structure to a more user-friendly option. Using post names keeps links short and allows you to insert keywords into the URL news blogs that publish dozens of articles per day.

URL tends to use the day and post name to avoid any problems with duplicates to change permalinks through the WordPress admin area. Your .htaccess file has to be writable which is the default for most people. If yours is not, however, WordPress recommends you change the file permissions in your .htaccess file to 644 to enhance security.

3. Publishing incomplete pages

Beginners frequently launch their website before it’s ready so when a visitor comes and clicks on a navigation link, instead of seeing your new shiny site they just see a coming soon page, You should never link to any page. That is not completely doing so will alienate visitors and give them the impression that you’re not taking your website seriously.

There may be an occasional reason to do this like a landing page for a new project where you collect emails but for the most part, it’s a no-no my advice is to wait until your website is complete before you launch it. While building your website you can use a maintenance mode plug-in to keep interested parties informed of your launch date.

4. Installing unnecessary Plugins

Plugins that are not in use should be deactivated and uninstalled. If you do not plan on using them again, you should also just for the sake of your site speed, keep the number of plugins to a minimum beginner WordPress users.

Do not adhere to this mindset they install plugins and do not deactivate them. It is very common for new WordPress users to install dozens of plugins, even if they’re only using a few. All this does is make your website slower and introduce more possible headaches.

5. Not keeping Your WordPress up to date

it’s important to keep WordPress and any themes and plugins you are using up to date keeping your site. Brimming with obsolete modules fundamentally build your shot at an accident or possibly it will not crash. You’ll simply get hacked or tainted with malware relying upon your circumstance. You could even empower programmed refreshes or design them so you don’t keep frightfully old modules on your site.

6. Not using a strong password

Solid passwords shield you from animal power assaults and other terrible things individuals never really site. Fortunately, WordPress gives you an underlying method to create a solid secret key.

Just go to the user profile you want to change scroll to the bottom and click generate password, update the profile and you’re good to go. Just make sure you write that new password down.

7. Not backing up often

New WordPress users and pretty much all website owners for that matter fill or recognize the importance of backing their website up. Often don’t be that guy that ignores backups, and all of a sudden their websites are hacked, and they lose all their data. They’re not sure what to do it’s a shame that most people need to experience data loss in order to learn the importance of backing up. Especially since backing up is so easy to do so if you’ve done any of these in the past.

That’s ok there’s a reason they’re listed as common mistakes, I’ve made them countless other folks will too. At the end of the day all you can do is learn from your mistakes, are you aware of any other mistakes that WordPress newbies make. If so let us know in the comments down below.

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