20 The Most Creative Joomla Templates to Make Your Mark

These days it is very easy to build a fully functional website for personal or business needs. It is a fab way to advertise your brand or company, stirring the interest of customers and increasing sales. It’s becoming hard to imagine a reason not to create a blog page. So, if you’ve made your mind to launch a website, set your eyes on these 20 The Most Creative Joomla Templates to be on-trend without breaking a sweat. Whether you want a simple web presence or a powerful site – Joomla is the way forward to build a website that looks and works well. Besides, a gifted team from TemplateMonster blends the latest in visual and technological trends to deliver the best-in-class design for you and your audience. Are you ready to start?

About Joomla Templates

Creating a website in Joomla would be a great option for everyone who doesn’t want to do a lot of custom programming. In addition, Joomla is one of the best CMS platforms for e-Commerce websites. You can find a huge range of choices of free and premium Joomla templates out there. Some of them will help you deliver an amazing experience. The others in its turn may deliver an utter mess. This, if your business is important for you, a premium Joomla template is a cunning way for your business promotion. Don’t underestimate the decision of choosing the perfect Joomla template for your website. Once you choose a Joomla template that fits your needs, you can get all the fancy bells and whistles from it.

Making a website in Joomla is a good decision as it will give you a set of essential features. Depending on your business strategies and client’s needs only some of them are necessary for your website. The best thing about these 20 the most creative Joomla templates is that almost all of them are responsive and compatible across browsers and devices. Thus, your Joomla website is always visible, looks good, and converts visitors.

Don’t waste time going the long way round – get one of these cutting-edge Joomla templates from TemplateMonster for your business today. View the demo version to learn more about its features and options. Feel inspired by other great Joomla templates to help you attract people visually. Keep in mind, most Joomla templates are coding compliant, come with a Contact form, Google Map integration, and multiple language support. Contact a TM Service Center team to get a fully functional site quicker. Get ready to experience Joomla templates now.

Jedi – Multifunctional Business Joomla Template

Give Jedi a try today. Create a powerful website with multitude of predesigned pages. Built with Bootstrap functionality, this mobile-friendly template adjusts well on all digital devices and screen sizes. Build up a credible web presence and peek interesting for users.

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Music Portal – Responsive Music Joomla Template

A modern and creative Joomla template well-suited for building music, entertaining and other culture web projects. The template is responsive, flexible, and cross-browser compatible. View its demo version to learn more about this powerful solution for the promotion of your website. Tweak the layout of the theme with ease to match your business requirements the best.

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Jason – Designer Portfolio Responsive Joomla Template

A modern and fully responsive Joomla template serves as the foundation for a leading-edge designer website. Take the advantage of this powerful Joomla solution to create a stunning designer portfolio page in favor of your business. Spread the word about your brand and its mission in a more creative way.

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Smile – Summer Camp Joomla Template

Smile is a modern and nice Joomla template with a lively design and solid architecture. It is fully responsive, compatible across modern browsers and last-generation devices, and easy to navigate. With the help of a set of customization tools, you can promote your summer camp in a more creative way. Focus on your audience and give them a reason to come back for more.

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Scope – Investment Company Responsive Joomla Template

Do you want to advertise your brand or company and create a positive impression on your visitors? Great! This beautiful Joomla template is the way forward. It fits perfectly for investment companies, consultant agencies, and finance firms. It comes with a slider, social login functionality, 24/7 custom support, Lazy Load effect, and more.

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Handmade – Creative Joomla VirtueMart eCommerce Template

A responsive and modern website is a necessity these days. Handmade is a nice and mobile-friendly Joomla template compatible across browsers and digital devices. It offers a huge range of customization options to fit your business needs. Run a fully-fledged store, stir the interest of your customers and increase sales.

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Handmade and Gifts Joomla Template

Seize the opportunity to build up a creative Joomla website with this modern template. Create a unique experience for your customers that reflects the essence of your web project. The template is responsive, easy to customize, cross-browser compatible with an extended UI kit to enhance each of your site’s pages. Give it a try today.

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Flowers Shop Joomla Template

Take a look at this nice and bright-colored premium Joomla template well-suited for flower selling online shops. Take advantage of this powerful tool for creating a modern flower shop site. Represent it in a more creative way to drive better customer centricity and meet a better return on investment.

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Grace – Christian Responsive Joomla Template

Here is a modern Joomla template tailored for building religious or church-related websites. The responsive layout ensures the best user experience.  Make any changes to the layout to fit your particular tastes. Capture the attention of your visitors with its awesome animation effects. It features cross-browser compatibility, a rich UI kit, and more. Give this elegant template a try today.

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Langerba – Language School Joomla Template

Build up a top-notch language school site with the help of this creative Joomla template today. Save both time and money for designing a required functionality to show the essence of your online school. The template comes with additional pages, social media integration, a rich UI kit, SEO optimization, and well-documented code.

Language School Responsive Joomla Template

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TranSmart – Life Coaching Center Joomla Template

A nice and creative Joomla template is a perfect choice for building a life coaching, personal, or psychological therapy website. The template is easy to edit to fit your business needs the best. transmit includes a built-in theme color switcher, social media login form, responsive design, commenting system, and more. Grab it today.

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Videographer Portfolio Joomla Template

If you want to peek interesting for users build up a credible website using this modern and flexible Joomla template today. It’s a fab way to create a positive impression on your visitors. The template features a responsive design, a Lazy load effect, and background video integration. View its demo version to learn more.

Videographer Responsive Joomla Template

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Flora and Fauna Joomla Theme

Take a look at this nice and creative Joomla template. Once you choose it for your site, your customers will enjoy its intuitive navigation and beautiful design. The template is easy to customize, change the color combinations and typography styles. It helps you save a bundle of both time and money.

Zoo – Flora & Fauna Responsive Joomla Template

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Intense Children Care Joomla Theme

Spread the word about your child’s education project through an eye-catching website. Learn how to build up a modern site with the help of this Joomla template. Help your customers choose you over the many others offering similar services and prices. TM Ajax Contact form, log in form, a Newsletter subscription, and awesome animation come included in the pack.

Children Care Responsive Joomla Template

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Fine Art Gallery Joomla Theme

A responsive and attractive Joomla template is a great choice for building art and culture gallery websites. Stun your visitors at the first sight with a truly elegant design. Create a unique experience for your audience with the help of the background video and intuitive navigation. Give it a try today.

Fine Art – Art & Culture Gallery Responsive Joomla Template

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Bon Voyage – Travel Agency Joomla Theme

Bon Voyage is a nice and creative Joomla template intended for travel and vacation operating websites. Showcase the beauty of your portfolio with a cool TM Gallery and website slider options. Help your visitors land on your website and spend a little time there. View its demo version to learn more features included in the pack.

Bon Voyage – Travel Agency & Vacation planning Responsive Joomla Template

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Bsite – News Portal Joomla Theme

A fully responsive and powerful website is a necessity for a successful promotion these days. Grab this creative Joomla template to build a solid web presence at no extra cost. Capture the attention of your visitors to boost conversion rates.

Bsite – News Portal Responsive Joomla Template

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TechLab – Electronics Review Joomla Template

If you need to build a highly functional and trendy-looking website for electronics and testing services, end your search here. This creative Joomla template comes with all the essential features needed to create a leading-edge website. Let your visitors enjoy the look of your website on the fly. Give them a reason to visit your site for more

TechLab – Electronics Review Joomla Template

The Photorx – Photo Studio Joomla Template

A nice and modern Joomla template is a perfect way to build up photography studio websites. In addition to responsive design and cross-browser compatibility, the template is SEO-friendly, well documented and easy to navigate. Interact with your clients using a Contact form and commenting system options. View its demo version for more features.

The Photorx – Photo Studio Responsive Joomla Template

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TKG Web Designer Joomla Theme

TKG Joomla template is a responsive solution tailored for web developers’ websites. The template comes with 4 color schemes, Parallax animation, a dropdown menu, and other useful features to fit your business requirements. Focus on your audience needs to deliver the best-in-class design. Create a worry-free website in next to no time. Give it a try.

TKG Responsive Joomla Template

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