20 Stunning Joomla Templates for your IT & Tech Startups

It’s well known, that information technologies and innovative startups play the leading role in the XXI century. Moreover, we already have created a special science field – information science. One way or another, each of us deals with electronic data, no matter in which sphere we work, so IT is the best sphere to start your business now. Almost every adult on our planet uses the Internet every day, and you should pay attention to this fact to build a successful and flourishing career.

Nowadays, you can place everything you want on the Web and even create your own website to become recognizable. This way you will increase the number of your customers and propel your business projects to the next level. The only thing you need is to start, and you will see, that creating a website is not as difficult, as it can seem. Of course, you can hire a team of professional web developers and designers and pay a couple of grand for something unwanted, but it’s better to make everything on your own.

No extra skills or education are needed! Using IT Joomla templates and tech startup themes, you will be able to create your own website in a few clicks and customize it saving your time and money. Substantially all-ready-made templates are much profitable, as they are cheaper and better. When you download the one, you already know what you are buying, so there will be no unexpected disappointment.

Why need a good template for your Joomla site?

Besides, one more important thing for your future profit is your website’s design. It should be elegant, stylish, and simple at the same time. A structure and a website’s navigation should be clear and understandable to please all your forthcoming customers. That is why we have chosen the 20 best visually appealing and well-structured templates by TemplateMonster for this collection. Despite the fact that you will use a ready-made theme, your website will still look unique and individual, as you will be able to change layouts, button sizes, add your logo, and fill it with your original content. Also, they have good documentation, so you will be able to use it right away after reading the instructions included.

Almost all of these templates have useful dropdown menus and slider effects that will make the navigation clearer, and you will have an opportunity to use them without any great effort. In addition, all Joomla IT themes are fully responsive. In other words, they have a mobile page of the website included, so each your client will be able to use your website in any place in the world. As can be seen, using ready-made templates gives you a big lead, so you definitely should try it on your own!

Software Provider Responsive Joomla Template

If you want to sell software and make your company #1 and get high rankings for your website, this template is a perfect choice for your needs. It has a stylish color scheme, that will attract your clients, and your pages will look really perfect with the Parallax animation effect. Also, this template has various additional pages, where you could give extra information about your special offers, services, and prices.

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Web-Development Agency Online Joomla Template

This Joomla template will show your web-developing skills and catch your viewer’s attention with its minimalist design and clear structure. Here you will have theme colors switching options and different UI elements included. Besides, this template is fully responsive and your customers will have an opportunity to make appointments even using mobile devices.

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Stylish Internet Provider Joomla Theme

Tender color palette and stylish design of this Joomla template will definitely attract new clients to your Internet Provider Joomla-based website. This theme differs from the others with its modern-looking structure with sliders and information blocks. Your clients will have an opportunity to mark their addresses on the built-in Google map and leave appointments directly on your webpage.

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Information and Communication Technologies Website Joomla Template

This Joomla-based template has a clear structure and a useful navigation thanks to its Slider effect and a Mega Menu. It looks simple and elegant, so your clients will like your design without any doubt. Also, they will have an opportunity to subscribe and receive your news and updates in the newsletter and share your articles with their friends. Besides, this template has social options, so your customers will have an opportunity to log in using their Facebook or Google+ accounts.

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Web Hosting Joomla Template

Using this Joomla template you can provide your customers with hosting and different services on the Internet. Together with this template you will get a few stock photos included. Also, it has a useful comment extension built-in, so your clients will be able to leave feedback and ask questions there. It’s definitely a perfect catch for each IT business owner!

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Media & Communication Services Online Joomla Template

This is one of the best templates for communication business, as using it you can provide your customers with the Internet, TV and various mobile offers. It has a well-structured design and alternative module layouts, so you will be able to change its look. Also, this Media & Communication Services Joomla template can be used in different browsers, as it is cross-browser compatible.

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Perfect Communication Website Joomla Theme

As you can see, this theme is a perfect solution for those, who have IT or ICT business. It looks stylish and simple, and has a clean code with a clear structure. Minimalist white background and eye-catching colorful buttons will make your website visually appealing and recognizable. Besides, this theme is fully responsive, so it will perfectly adapt to any mobile device.

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Powerful Internet Provider Website Joomla Template

This Powerful Internet Provider Website Joomla template is created for those, who work in the web technologies sphere. It looks modern and stylish, and it makes a perfect first impression on each website viewer. Also, this template is well-structured and has useful navigation with a dropdown menu and back-to-top button.

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Communication Services Responsive Joomla Template

Using this template you will be able to provide communication and media services without any great effort. It is easy-to-customize thanks to its advanced theme options and alternative module layouts. Also, this IT Joomla template has a useful commenting system and social options built-in.

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Up-to-Date Communication Technologies Joomla Theme

This is a perfect solution for communication business owners, as it is stylish and easy-to-use. With this template you will get a perfect fully responsive design, a clean website-code and a clear user-friendly navigation. Besides, here you will have an understandable and simple commenting system, so that your clients will have an opportunity to give you their feedbacks.

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Security Software Joomla Template

Here you can see an elegant design and a well-thought-out structure. It will please each high-quality product lover, as this template looks and functions perfectly. Your home and additional pages will load faster with the Lazy Load effect. Namely, your photos won’t be loaded right away, as they will be loaded when your clients will scroll them. Also, this Security Software Joomla template has the Parallax and Slider effect additionally.

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IT Consulting Agency Joomla Template

IT Consulting Agency Joomla template is a perfect solution for those, who work in consulting sphere. The theme has a popular minimalist design with an unusual page setting. Not to mention, that this template is well-structured and fully responsive. It has the Parallax and Slider effects included, coupled with UI elements and the famous Lazy Load effect.

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Easy-in-Use IT Company Joomla Theme

This theme has an unusual modern design and it will definitely impress you customers with its clear structure and elegant look. Everything is placed perfectly, so the navigation will take a little time. It has advanced theme and alternative module options, so you will be able to change it and adjust to your needs easily. Not to say, that this theme is crossbrowser compatible and fully responsive, so each your customer will be able to look though the website using any mobile device.

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High-Tech Stylized IT Joomla Theme

This template has a simple minimalist design with bright details that will catch your viewer’s attention. Its structure is clear, so even novice Internet-users will be able to find what they want. In addition, here you will be able to place an animated portfolio with useful filters to make the navigation clearer and use custom pages included.

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Stunning IT & Tech Startups Joomla Template

As can be seen, this IT & Tech Startups Joomla template has a colorful and visually appealing design and a good understandable structure. It has a useful admin panel and advanced layout options coupled with the Theme Color Switcher. Also, it has a dropdown menu and additional pages, where you can place your contact data, blog etc.

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Information Technologies & Business Joomla Theme

This theme is one of the simplest IT & Business Joomla themes ever. It has a sober color scheme and a few stock photos included. Also, it has an additional blog page and an easy-to-use admin panel. The animation is built on HTML plus JS.

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Business & IT Projects Joomla Template

Business & IT Projects Joomla template will please each your customer with its clean minimalist design. Not to mention, that its design is fully responsive, so your website will adjust to any screen size. It has different animation effects: Slider, Parallax and Lazy Load. The UI elements and additional pages are included.

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Multipurpose Business Joomla Template

Each business owner wants to have a useful and multifunctional Joomla template to have an opportunity to change their business field any time they like. If you belong to this category of businessmen or businesswomen, this template will be the best solution for your future IT business website. It has a sober-colored design and a simple structure that will suit any your needs. Furthermore, you will get not only the template, but also 40 beautiful pre-designed pages and several stock photos together with the theme.

Jedi Joomla

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IT & Business Projects Responsive Joomla Template

This template looks pretty visually attractive, as it has a sober minimalist design with small colorful details. It is complemented with the Slider, Parallax, and Lazy Load effects, which will make your website’s animation really perfect. Here you will have advanced theme options and additional pages built-in. In addition, this IT & Business Projects Responsive Joomla template has social login and various UI elements included.

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Multifunctional Information Technologies Joomla Theme

This Multifunctional Information Technologies Joomla theme is a real catch for each stylish-design lover. It has various pre-designed pages and multiple layout options. This stunning Joomla theme can be used for any project types, as it is clear and simple. Not to mention, that it is fully responsive and SEO-friendly, so you will have an opportunity to make your website #1 in search results top.

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