20 Highly Ranked Blogging Joomla Themes

Probably, you have already read inspiring blogs and articles on the Internet, and asked yourself: could I turn blogging into my hobby or even job? Actually, each person can launch a good informative or personal blog using some tips. One of the most important things is to create your own website, instead of using someone else’s web page as a platform. This way, you will draw viewers’ attention to your content and create user navigation without any issues. Besides, starting a single website will increase your income level and give an opportunity to use various types of advertisement.

So, how could you build a website without any programming skills? Nowadays, there is a great number of different solutions, which you can use quickly and easily. As a matter of fact, one of the most effective ways is to base your web pages on the pre-made Joomla templates. This platform is suitable for any website, so you can choose a suitable theme from the various categories. For example, there are lots of personal page Joomla templates for blogging.

5 reasons to choose Joomla:

1. useful content management options;

2. user-friendly interface and advanced functionality;

3. registration system and multiple access control list levels;

4. fully-fledged template control;

5. multilanguage support.

How to launch an inspiring blog in a few steps

At first, choose the field that excites you (fashion, culinary, hand-made, interior or exterior design, psychology, etc.) No matter, which branch you choose, just take the one you like and start your own website. Then, imagine how your blog should look like to know what you need. Also, you can look through this Joomla templates collection and get inspired. Here, you can find the best suitable one and launch your website.

After choosing the best Joomla theme, purchase it at TemplateMonster.com and run the setup. You will be able to customize it and adjust to your needs without any web-development education. So, it will take just a little time. And finally, create your content and start inspiring your readers! Dare to start and the success won’t belong in coming.

Informative News Portal Mobile Friendly Joomla Theme

This is a first-rate Joomla theme with a great number of useful features, which will be suitable for magazines and newspapers. It has a newsletter subscription, which will give you an opportunity to inform your clients of all updates and new posts. Besides, you will be able to use the contact form to communicate with your readers. Not to mention, that this news portal template is cross-browser compatible and fully responsive. So, your clients will be able to visit your website using any devices and browsers.

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Style & Fashion Blogging Responsive Joomla Template

This template has the advanced theme options and alternative module layouts, so you will have an opportunity to edit the website without any issues. Also, it has a user-friendly navigation with back-to-top button, drop-down menu, and a sortable gallery. Its social options and the commenting system will ease the communication with your followers. Besides, this Joomla template has a perfect animation based on HTML plus JS and the parallax background video effect.

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Cooking Blog + Recipes Book Responsive Joomla Theme

Want to create a cooking book on the Web? Try this cool Joomla theme with responsive layouts and detailed documentation included! It has a clean elegant visual design and advanced functionality. Using this theme, you will be able to choose from the best color schemes with the help of theme color switcher. Besides, this template is complemented with the rich UI kit that will help you to fill your website with multiple content types. Furthermore, it has plenty of additional pages, which you can use for the best recipes.

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Creative Fashion Blog Fully Responsive Joomla Template

This is an up-to-date mobile-friendly responsive template, which is suitable for any screen size. It has a useful theme color switcher, so you will have an opportunity to choose one of the best color solutions in a quick and easy way. Besides, you will be able to use different types of content on a single website, thanks to the additional pages, MegaMenu, and Kunena forum included. Watch the live demo to learn more!

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Responsive & Truly Multipurpose Joomla Template

Using this responsive & truly multipurpose Joomla template, you can build a powerful website without any great effort. It has a user-centric design, advanced functionality and a great number of multitude pre-designed pages. As you can see, the theme is suitable for online stores, blogs, business websites, portfolios and other projects, as it includes a wide variety of options. The only thing you need is to start the customization process and launch your website. So, don’t waste your time and try it!

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Online Cookery Book Responsive Joomla Template

This is a fully responsive and well-documented theme, which will be suitable for all your needs. As can be seen, it has a simple and visually appealing design coupled with top-notch functionality. Also, the template is supplemented by the theme color switcher and UI kit that will improve your UX & UI design. What is more, this online cookery book responsive Joomla template has a lot of additional web pages, which you can use for some special offers and projects.

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Handmade Blog & Online Gifts Store Joomla Template

Have a wish to create and sell handmade gifts, and inspire your followers with master-classes? Try this Joomla-based template for multi-profile personal blogs. Here you will be able to tell about your brand, upload testimonials and present your services with the help of additional pages. What is more, you will be able to change the visual design and use the advanced UI kit without any great effort. Just follow the extended instructions included and the result won’t be long in coming!

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Freelance Designer Portfolio 100% Responsive Joomla Theme

As you can see, this portfolio Joomla theme is visually attractive and stylishly designed. It has advanced theme options and alternative module layouts, so you will be able to edit it easily. Moreover, this template is complemented with the sliced PSD, back-to-top button, commenting system, and drop-down menu. Not to mention, that it is cross-browser compatible, fully responsive, and search engine friendly. Try it!

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Creative & Eye-Catching Artists Portfolio Joomla Template

This template is suitable for any type of portfolio or blog, as it has sober and neutral color palette. You will be able to place your photo or the main picture in the header of your web-pages. Also, your homepage will include the biography, latest news, and many other sections. So, you will have an opportunity to add more details to the website and make the navigation more user-friendly. If you want to learn more, look through the live demo below!

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Personal Blog Cross-Browser Compatible Joomla Theme

Personal Blog Cross-Browser Compatible Joomla template is an ideal solution for a personal page, blog, portfolio or even business website. It has a clean and elegant layout that will draw the viewers’ attention to your content. Besides, this clean design provides user-centric navigation and effective UX elements. Also, it has a drop-down menu, advanced search options, and a tag cloud, which will help your visitors to find exactly what they need. Try it!

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Inspiring Fashion Blog Joomla Template

This inspiring fashion blog Joomla template features with its eye-catching, contrasting color scheme, unusual hexagon shapes, and a beautiful page-wide slider. Besides, it has a visually appealing gallery based on the grid script and multiple layout modules. In addition, this template is complemented with the social media options that will allow your clients to read your blog on social networks. Also, it is built with Bootstrap, fully responsive and cross-browser compatible web-pages.

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Universal Joomla Template for Any Kinds of Blogs

This is a fully-featured multifunctional Joomla theme for your online projects. It will be suitable for any kinds of blogs and portfolios, business and corporate websites, including eCommerce undertakings. It has a wide variety of UI tools and design elements, which will make your website look and function perfectly. Besides, it has a great number of pre-made layouts, TemplateMonster’s custom modules and extensions included. Not to mention, that this Joomla-based template is responsive and retina-ready.

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Awesome Stylist’s Blog Mobile Friendly Joomla Template

This blogging Joomla theme is complemented with a trendy card-based layout, which will help you to show your content from the best side. Also, it has a sidebar manager and a user-friendly menu that will improve your website’s navigation. In addition, this template has multiple social options built-in, so your customers will be able to join you not only on your own website but also in social networks. When it comes to customization, you can use a built-in customizer to switch between pre-made color combinations and change the default scheme in one click.

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Education & School Blog Responsive Joomla Theme

Education & School Blog Responsive Joomla theme is a perfect solution for different types of blogging and publication websites. It has a clean, simple layout with a great number of customizable widgets, which will help you to present the content in various ways. Using this template, you will be able to create different post types, add banner advertisement and receive high income with the help of your blog. Watch the live demo and try it!

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Awe-Inspiring Fashion Blog Joomla Template

This Joomla-based template will be an ideal start for your blogging career. This theme will work perfectly with any browsers and devices, as it is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. In addition, it features blog, forum, and gallery support, 1170 Grid System, MixItUp gallery, Google map, modules bundle install, quick start package, sortable gallery, alternative module layouts etc. Besides, it has a powerful admin panel that will ease the customization process several times.

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Trendy Blogging Responsive Joomla Theme

This Joomla theme is a perfect solution to introduce your projects and work with the clients. It is user-friendly, easy to install and fully-featured. Besides, it has an elegant and clean layout, which will draw attention to your content. Also, your clients will be able to find exactly what they need without any issues, thanks to the clear architecture and intuitive navigation.

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Elegant Apparel Fully Responsive Joomla Template

This is a fully responsive and cross-browser compatible Joomla template, which features clean and stylish design and a well-built structure. It has the advanced theme options and advanced module layouts that will ease the process of customizing the website.

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Top-Notch Style & Fashion Blog Joomla Template

This responsive Joomla theme has an elegant monochromatic style and a clear structure with user-centric navigation. The design is up-to-date and elegant, so it will please even the most demanding readers. Also, it has a wide range of useful features that will help you to run your blog without any great effort.

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Visually Attractive Personal Blog Joomla Template

This visually attractive personal blog Joomla template is a perfect solution for online projects and portfolios. Using this theme, you will be able to show all your skills, taste, and individual style. It has a high-quality built-in slider, which will draw clients’ attention and present your top-notch projects in a proper way. Besides, this template has 3 fully-fledged promo banners that will ease the navigation. Want to know more about this blogging template? Check out the live demo!

Details | Demo

Stylish Apparel & Accessories Blog Responsive Joomla Template

This responsive template has advanced theme options, sliced PSD, alternative module layouts, and a favicon. Its navigation is clear and user-friendly, as it has a back-to-top button and drop-down menu included. What is more, this Joomla-based blogging theme is cross-browser compatible, mobile-friendly, retina-ready, and search engine optimized. Try it right off the bat!

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