20 Beautiful Joomla Templates of This Spring by TemplateMonster

Spring is the time of renewal and rebirth. When it’s round the corner, it’s worth thinking of renewing your website or giving it a sound start, if you haven’t got one. A high-converting website is a thing that can increase the revenues of your business manifold, no matter what branch of industry you’re working in. Making your website a live platform with frequent updates is able to take your business up a notch, no matter, if you want to spread the word locally or go global.

When it comes to launching a website that meets the standards of 2017 web design, there are several ways you can make your dream website come true. First of all, you can order a custom design from one of the professionals in the sphere. The product that you get is likely to fully satisfy you; however, you need to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for it. If we compare it to buying a new outfit, you’ll get and pay for a tailor-made one. Double-think, if it’s wise to afford it.

The second way to get a running website is to create it yourself with free software that is out there on the net. Well, if you think that you save much, you actually don’t. By having a free basic website that is not optimized for conversions and filled with free software labels, you minimize your revenues and get no boost from launching the site. In terms of clothing, this would be handcrafting an outfit yourself with no appropriate skills.

The third way to establish online presence is to purchase and customize a website template. Templates cost way less then custom designs and are affordable to penny-wise people. With a template, you get a ready-made professionally-developed design of your website, as well as a set of all necessary tools to power website’s functionality. At present, template providers care for their customers and equip websites with industry specific plugins and extensions that manifold improve user experience on your website.

In this post, I want to share with you 20 beautiful Joomla templates of this spring. These templates are the brainchildren of TemplateMonster, one of the companies that rock template market this year. Their team of experienced designers with over 15 years of experience knows well what websites are beating the competition this year. You can check out more of their Joomla templates to see how a modern website should look like.

It’s time to explore 20 Beautiful Joomla templates of this spring and get inspired with their vibrancy and freshness. Reviewing the templates, do not forget to check out template Details pages to learn more about their technical characteristics and features. You can also see and browse each template live by clicking on Live Demo button.


Fresh Beauty: Flowers Responsive Joomla Theme

This fully-responsive template that features top-notch Parallax and LazyLoad effects is ideal to launch a flower shop website. The template provides a rich user interface that lets you fill up the website with different types of content, e.g. progress bars, counters, countdown timers, accordions, toogles, pricing tables, and much more. An elegant and fresh top slider is a perfect tool for showcasing your promos, deals of the day and most popular products.

Details | Demo

All About Gadgets & Electronics Joomla Template

This template is developed for a website that centers around modern technological advances. It’s the best fit for posting reviews and informative articles about the latest gadget and tech news. Clean website layout, use of negative space and clear typography ensure good readability of the content. The template incorporates a social login system and an inbuilt color switcher that lets you change the color scheme of your website in no time.

Electronics Review Responsive Joomla Template

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Best Place to Buy a Property: Real Estate Agency Joomla Website

This real estate website is ideal for those who target online audience in selling properties. It comes with an inbuilt color switches and social login functionality that lets your users log in with Facebook and Google+ accounts. Template additional pages include Pricing, FAQs, Our Team, History, Testimonials, Site Map, Careers and other pages.

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Step to Better Life: Life Coaching & Consulting Joomla Site

This visually rich coach website template is filled with inspiring imagery and videos. The inbuilt Parallax and LazyLoad effects create the feel of full immersion on the website pages, as well ensure their fast loading speed. The template is cross-browser compatible and looks equally well in all modern browsers.

Life Coach Responsive Joomla Template

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Best Wedding Ever: Wedding Planner Joomla Site Design

This website template is built to let you create the festive atmosphere on your website. It uses white as the theme’s basic color and supports it with floral imagery and elegant typography. Template’s gallery page is ideal for presenting your projects in a filterable portfolio with different layout types.

Wedding Planner Responsive Joomla Template

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Modern Videographer & Photographer Responsive Joomla Theme

This modern photographer theme visually amuses with unconventional layout. It has the site logo and top menu on the left on PC screens, and the menu moves to the top on mobile screens. The accomplished look of your portfolio page plays a major role in landing you a particular job. The template is SEO-optimized and ensures you best possible position in search engine search results.

Videographer Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Enlightening Journey: Yoga Responsive Joomla Template

This yoga template is filled with light and air and conduces the idea of spiritual enlightenment through bodily practices. The contact form of the template lets users quickly get in touch with you and an inbuilt Google map reveals the physical address and directions to your venue. The template offers you more than 500 Google fonts that give you the freedom in typography choice.

Shanti – Yoga Classes Responsive Joomla Template

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Fine Art: Art Gallery Responsive Joomla Website

If you are hunting for a perfect art gallery template, this one is a real gem of truly elegant design, underpinned by blast-color backgrounds, Parallax and LazyLoad effects and background videos. The set of pre-made pages that come with the template let you uncover the history of your gallery, introduce your team, relate what people say about you and answer all the questions on the FAQs page. Rich user interface of this responsive template lets you add various content types, such as banners, diagrams, countdown timers, counters, tabs, toogles, timelines, etc.

Fine Art – Art & Culture Gallery Responsive Joomla Template

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Around the Globe: Travel Agency Responsive Joomla Site

This well-documented and SEO-friendly theme is designed for travel agencies that want to make it to the top. You can give your visitors the full immersion into breathtaking landscapes and city views with new-generation Parallax effect that the template uses. Moreover, customize the template up to your taste with the TM Ajax Style Switcher, that lets you switch to this or that style in one click.

Bon Voyage – Travel Agency & Vacation planning Responsive Joomla Template

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Groundbreaking News: News Portal & Magazine Joomla Site Design

This News Joomla theme is created for social media websites. The newspaper-inspired layout of the theme is livened up by Parallax animation and pleasant tones. The template is designed to generate leads, as it comes with social login options, comprehensive Contact Form and Newsletter Subscription section, where site guest can subscribe for a weekly newsletter.

Bsite – News Portal Responsive Joomla Template

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Respect the Bread: Bakery Responsive Joomla Theme

Want to make a tempting bakery website, but don’t know where to start? This responsive bakery template is ideal to make the mouths of your site guests water, when they see website’s rich imagery. The template is carried out in warm colors and rich user interface ensures more visual way of presenting content with the help of counters, countdown timers, diagrams, tabs, etc.

Bakery Responsive Joomla Template

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World in Photos: Photo Studio Joomla Template

This theme is produced for a photography studio website. Template’s sortable gallery is ideal for showcasing your photoshoots and other undertakings in the attractive grid with filter options. Advanced commenting system of the template encourages more vivid discussion on your website, thus letting it rank higher in search engine search results.

The Photorx – Photo Studio Responsive Joomla Template

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DreamSpa: Beauty Parlor Responsive Joomla Website

If you want to create a high-converting website for your beauty parlor, then DreamSpa template is a perfect choice. The theme is conversion-optimized, and you’ll find animated call-to-action buttons right where you need them. Your website is bound to win the affection of its guests with a number of trust signals that are smartly placed on the website.

Beauty Parlour Joomla Template

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Final Destination: Travel Agency Responsive Joomla Site

This travel agency theme is designed in line with the latest web design trends. The storytelling homepage of the template presents the agency and tempts to explore more by showcasing best offers in banners and showing off glimpses of unexplored lands in the Gallery section. Your guests will find everything they need on your website with the extended multi-layered navigation that the theme offers.

Crimzon Joomla Template

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Pasta Fun: Food & Beverages Joomla Site Design

This template is designed for any kind of food and beverages website, where you can showcase your products in the best possible way. The top slider presents your promos and most popular products, making the page more dynamic. In the footer, you’ll find social buttons that let site guests follow you in social networks and, by, this, strengthen your online presence.

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Excellent Bouquets: Flowers Responsive Joomla Template

This sleek and elegant template breathes of spring with its airy layout and appealing HD flower images. Filterable gallery of the template mesmerizes with flower’s beauty and is handy with “Quick View” option. The reliability of your website is strengthened by incorporation of testimonials, partners, contact details and your physical location, marked on Google Map.

Flower Sun Joomla Template

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Catchy Photos: Photographer Portfolio Responsive Joomla Theme

This black-and-white photographer portfolio theme has a sleek, dynamic design that relates the notions of style and fashion. Feature-rich gallery of the template is the cornerstone for promoting your skills and landing on new projects and jobs. Homepage banner images have unconventional shape and make your website even more sleek and stylish.

Photographer Portfolio Responsive Joomla Template

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Chic Ladies: Fashion Blog Responsive Joomla Site

Being ultimately stylish is possible with this Joomla theme for a fashion blog. In terms of design, it boasts of a contrasting color palette, hexagonal shapes, animated buttons and other visual tricks. Authorizing on your website is made simpler thanks to social login option that lets you log in with Facebook and Google+ social networks. The template is cross-browser compatible: it looks great, no matter what browser you use.

Online Fashion Joomla Template

Uplifting Ice Cream Joomla Site Design

This extremely delightful and uplifting theme is able to turn every website guest into an ice cream gourmet. The template uses pastel colors that are the best fit for sweet ice cream spirit. On top of 14 must-have pages, the template brings you additional pages, such as Pricing, FAQs, History, Our Team, Testimonials, etc.

IceKai Joomla Template

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Hand-made Gifts Responsive Joomla Template

This template is a perfect wrapping for your handcrafted gifts. It offers a huge variety of pre-made pages with different content types to express your vision of an ideal gift. Fill in the testimonials page with comments of exited gift-owners, and you’re likely to receive much more orders in future.

Details | Demo


I hope you enjoyed following me on this journey through 20 beautiful and  great Joomla templates of this spring.

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