10 free Joomla extensions you may download now!

Are you a developer or designer? Are you looking for modules to play an important role in building or improving your website? There is always a toolkit of functionalities that every website needs.

Take a look at 10 Joomla modules for your website! If you are using Joomla for your website, these tools for sure will be very useful. When you decide to build your site with Joomla, you will definitely need more functionality than you think. We present a collection of ​free modules for Joomla​ that you can use for your site

Find out which module you should be using to improve your online presence.

JM Simple Image Slider

This is an amazing ​slider free module for Joomla​ that comes with many useful features. This slider module covers all the modern slideshow functionalities, you need to have at your website: create the unlimited number of slides and present them anywhere you want. Each used image can include a defined title, text description and buttons (font awesome icons).  Take a look at settings that are available to configure

  • Autoplay
  • Text color
  • Link title
  • Indicators
  • Description parameters
  • and many more

Using slider is an absolute obligation for modern website. Presentation of the slideshow on the front page is a great way to show the best products, services or your own artwork.


JM Best Features

Show the best features of your best products in the best possible way! Use the simple ​free Joomla module​.You can insert and image and surround it by possible feature or display them in columns. You are able to set the title, link to the product, icon and the description. Each item may use font awesome icon or glyphicon. This Joomla module brings great usability for websites offering services or selling products.


JM Social Icons

Use this ​Joomla social icons free module​ if you want to quickly display your social profiles on your site.The setup is very simple – you can set such options like:

  • Name
  • Icon
  • Color
  • Alternative color
  • Link Url

You can choose between font awesome icon or glyphicon or image. There is no limit for icons number. Nowadays presenting links to social profiles is a compulsion for all modern and professional websites (business or personal).


JM Simple Tabs

Tabs are a great way to consolidate the website’s and content and give users better experience. Using this free ​Joomla tabs module​ you can create any number of tabs oriented horizontally or vertically. Use tabs to place any type of content – from a plain text to embed videos and images. You are able to configure tabs quick and easy – set the title, subtitle and the content. Tabs are a popular solution for modern business and corporate websites but they suit well for every kind of website.


JM Team Profiles

It’s an easy to use, a free module for Joomla created for ​displaying team member profiles​. Website’s admin is able to use many options. Each team member profile can include the name, profession, avatar, and direct links to social channels. Without much effort create an eye-catching presentation of your team. Great solution for business companies, startups or education websites. Schools are able to present the list of teachers.


JM Image Carousel

It’s a free and simple ​carousel module for Joomla​ purposed for a 360 image carousel. It comes with 3 styles to choose from. You can show the next/prev button, use the indicators and use the loop option. Scroll wheel option is also available.   You can turn any list of images into an impressive carousel. It can be very useful for websites connected with entertainment category –  events, artists or music portals.

JM Pricing Tables

This free ​pricing tables module for Joomla​ is purposed for displaying pricing plans at your website. You are able to define the plan title, price (free plans are also possible) currency, period, description, and the button (name and URL) You can even feature a recommended plan to increase conversions. Now it’s much easier to create pricing tables for your online products as it ever was! You can create as many plans as you want. It’s an awesome tool for all websites offering commercial products.

JM Testimonials

This free module for Joomla. gives you the possibility to display testimonials on your website. The useful ​testimonials Joomla module​ is easy to configure, you are able to define the comment, and the author’s name. With this module, you can present your website’s users feedback about your services or products. It can be very helpful, no matter whether you are a blogger or an online store owner.


JM Additional Features

Use this simple free module for Joomla to display features of your products. Each featured product can have a font awesome icon of glyphicon. You can also enable the read more button if needed. Your products can be presented in a very attractive way – you are able to configure it as you wish. This Joomla module is a fantastic solution for websites offering something to sell, but also for companies offering services.


JM Counter

It’s a simple and nice ​counter module for Joomla​!. This free module allows you to display the counter with the numbers. The counter can be displayed together with an item title. You can set the item’s name, counter unit , counter speed and more. It’s very useful solution if you want to present the number of your website’s visitors, the number of blog posts or the number of available products for example.

We give you free Joomla modules that you can easily download and use for your website. We deeply believe that all these modules will help your site to become more powerful!


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